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Best of 2023 Senior Portraits

January 1, 2024

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One of my favorite blogs of the year.. the Best of 2023 Senior Portraits! In this post, I’m revisiting my favorite senior portrait moments of 2023 for the graduating class of 2024. Buckle up for a revisit to an incredible season recap!

This is one of my favorite ways to reflect on the last year behind the camera and to pull together the portraits I’m super proud of – and to have one more chance to brag about my wonderful seniors! I’m so proud of all of the work I and all of my seniors and their parents have put in this year. At this point, I seem like a broken record, but each year without fail my seniors seem to get sweeter and sweeter every year. Each graduating class seems to bring its own grace and fun elements every year – and this bunch was no different!

Though just when I thought we outdid ourselves – I’m already finding new elements to bring in next year to make it bigger and better than ever!

Below are my Best of 2023 Senior Portraits for the graduating class of 2024. Enjoy!

Best View: Elle

Elle wanted a little bit of extra special magic when it came to her session – and there is no greater place to catch a sunset than the bluffs in La Crosse!

Best Prom Dress: Rylee

When I tell you that I actually cried when I saw Rylee in this dress, I am not being even a little bit dramatic! UGH. This gown was her junior prom dress and I am pretty sure that it was made exactly for her!

Coolest Future Career: Aila

Okay, Aila hasn’t even graduated high school yet and I think she already has a cooler career ahead of her than I ever will! I’m so proud of her accomplishments and what she continues to strive for! You go girly.

Giggliest Girly: Isabel

Months later my cheeks are still sore from all of the giggling that happened during Isabel’s summer session! From reflector shenanigans to telling her to “just trust me” as I practically shove her into a bush for some pretty shots near a weird non-glamorous office building, we had some pretty great belly laughs all around! Thanks for being so fun, sweet girl.

Best Car: Kaylee

Does it need any further explanation? I looove a cool urban car moment – especially with Kaylee! And those pink pants! We had a lot of fun on this rooftop and it definitely helped kick off those Year of the Barbie Movie vibes!

Easiest Model Off Duty Vibes: Katy

Most Adventurous: Reagan

When I grow up I want to be brave like Reagan πŸ˜‰ Though Reagan was not my only senior to brave the water, she was the only one that was almost completely unprompted to do so prior to her session! Typically I do a very promising amount of prep work for my seniors who do wish to take the plunge, but this girly really went all in!

Most Confident: Lily

After I took this photo I said, “OooOOoHH, girll!” and right then and there it was unanimously decided that Lily girl was in her Bad Bitch Era. I am here to witness her greatness (and take copious amounts of notes).

Sweetest Twirls: Serena

This superlative could also be dubbed as Most Graceful because those twirls are exactly what every senior portrait photographers dreams are made of!

Easiest Personality: Corin

How lucky are we to live in the same time on earth where people like Corin exist? She is the sweetest peach in the orchard and I loved every second I spent planning and photographing her senior portraits!

Most Likely to Dance in the Rain: Kate

If you ever find yourself needing to learn a lesson on patience and compassion, take one out of Kate’s book. When a huge freak rainstorm cut our first session short, we decided to dance in the rain about it instead! Honestly, my favorite part was seeing Kate and her family twice anyways. πŸ™‚

Most Unique Location: Maddison

During Maddison’s initial planning, it was clear that she already had a vision in mind. Her special place took us to two family properties and this very sweet swing where she shared lots of memories with her sweet grandparents. I love it when seniors bring a little something extra special – including grandparents and their memories.

Most Likely to Win an Olympic Medal: Evie

Ummm, is there anything this girly can’t do?! I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw her qualifying in the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris in a few months! πŸ˜‰

Farthest Traveled: Nora

For years I have driven past this valley thinking that I could catch the most beautiful sunset here. Then one day, Nora’s family from across the state bought it and asked me to do her senior portraits and the rest is history!

Sweetest Personality: Tori

Tori’s senior session took place on the hottest week of the entire summer, but you could never tell from her portraits! Even in 95+ degree heat, Tori was a complete gem and wore a smile the entire time to boot!

Best Hobby Props: Walker

Walker comes from a family I’ve had the privilege of photographing over the years! During his session, he wanted to highlight what makes him unique, focusing on his baseball career, fishing, and bow hunting.

Best Golden Windswept Moment: Jalena 

Jalena’s top photo request was a golden sunset and we absolutely exceeded all of our expectations when the sun finally popped out again right as it was about to set! Sometimes I wish I could just control the weather, but I had no complaints on this perfect day!

Most Fun Non-Traditional Idea: Reesa’s Walmart Photos

Reesa and I casually ended her senior portrait session in the Walmart parking with some fun flash photos (per her ultimate request!), but I think we laughed most of all! Big thank you to her parents for pushing this sweet girl of theirs in a shopping cart in the middle of a parking lot after dark. Not many parents would be so trusting, but boy am I glad they did!

Most Go With The Flow Attitude: Wilma

We had the perfect autumn film-inspired senior session filled with lots of giggles and adventure around Viroqua, Wisconsin. Typically, I do lots of research before each senior session (because they are usually in a town that I don’t live in and see every single day) but for some reason a “go with it” approach with Wilma just seemed to fit.. and I was RIGHT. Her session was ultimately the perfect mix of art, sweetness, and fun that I always crave this time of year! Thanks for adventuring around our hometown with me, girly!

Best Session to End the Season With: Jadyn 

We had the most perfect glowy light at the end of her session. Jadyn and her mom even brought along one of my favorite things – florals! It’s like they already knew the way to my heart πŸ˜‰

Looking to book a senior session for your current Junior? My books are now open! Send me an inquiry through my contact page!

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