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Portraits outside of weddings make my heart sing! From Mini Session days, sweet seniors, engagements and more - let's get together and celebrate simply (or in your case, magnificently) YOU.

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 Senior year is such an incredible + turbulent season full of memories that will leave a lasting impact on your heart: pep rallies, senior events, prom, college night, campus visits and big decisions. It’s also a season of scary choices and life change. I still remember my own senior year like it was yesterday!

My number one priority as your senior photographer is to capture the real, natural joy during such an exciting season of your life. I want to capture how you are, right now. As cliche as it is, to freeze a moment in time for you to look back on is the number one reason to get your portraits professionally taken!

If you’re reading this, I want you to know that I have been exactly where you are.

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The Senior Experience

Your senior year only comes once in a lifetime - let's make sure your senior portraits reflect YOU!

i can promise two things:

personality, personalized

your images will always reflect YOU

You will never be in this season of life again. Your personality and interstests will change as you grow. I will always capture you here and in the NOW.


i'm your hype girl now

Secondly, I promise to make you feel comfortable, confident and and radiant in front of the camera. I will pose and guide you for our entire shoot - no modeling experience required!

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senior portraits?

All of the beauty of senior portraits that stand the test of time, without the #cheugy trends that will leave you on cringe in ten years time.

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